In 1999, the young Jiaheng Wood Industry won its turning point on career finally through many years of struggle. In 1998, it invested 30 million Yuan to build up modernized workshop and office buildings in Henglin Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, and exploited the domestic and international markets on each aspect.

  In 2005, the development course of Jiaheng Wood Industry will walk onto a new step. To adapt to a new market growth situation of intensified floorboard, the company invested 10 million Yuan to build jiaheng Industrial Park whose park area is nearly 100mou. In addition, the Industrial Park owns annual production capacity of 6 million square meters, whose scale reaches leading level in the country.

  Different enterprise and different culture create different nature of leader. We deeply realize that President Zhu has full confidence in intensified floorboard and full passion on jiaheng Wood Industry!

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